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The beginning of the settlement, which later turned into the city of Kostrzyn, scientists estimate to be the Stone Age. At that time, territories around Kostrzyn were covered by forests inhabited by various wild animals. Those difficult to explore areas let man settle there very late. That is why large forested areas and unspoiled nature have been preserved to this day.

The name of the city of Kostrzyn presumably comes from a plant which grew in the area, the Festuca arundinacea. The main point in the history of the city is the granting of city status by, most likely, Albrecht III around the year 1300. With time, Kostrzyn began to spread along the Oder river which greatly improved its access to water and thus water transportation.

An important time period for the city was during the rule of Jan von Hohenzollern. During his reign, Kostrzyn became the capital of the New Monarchy, which brought the entire king’s court, complete with ministers and dignitaries, onto its territory. An instant expansion began by building such places as offices and courts. Beautiful fortresses, turrets and a massive royal castle were built during this time as well.

Unfortunately the wars which occurred in the following years almost completely destroyed all of the buildings in this once glorious city. However, thanks to its location, Kostrzyn has always been a strategic point on the map of Poland. After the second World War, during a period of peace, the rebuilding of Kostrzyn began to take place in succession, and over the passing years the city began to raise itself from the ruins, making its closeness to the German border an asset.

On April 3, 1994 the mayors of Kostrzyn, Peitz and Spandau, by a symbolic push of the spade, began the rebuilding of the Old Town and renovation of the monuments destroyed by war. From that time on, Kostrzyn has been regaining its glory year by year.

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