Hotel Regulations

  1. living quarters In the hotel further called ‘rooms’ are rented for 24h
  2. check in and check out times are at 12:00 noon
  3. The person renting a room further called ‘hotel guest’ can inhabit the room from 8:00 a.m to 12:00 on the first day of his/her stay without an additional fee, on condition that the room is available
  4. The guest is to specify his/her length of stay at check-in. Otherwise, his/her stay will be treated as a 24-hour stay.
  5. If a hotel guest wants to prolong the stay, it should be announced in the reception by 10:00 am on the original check-out day. This, however, is not binding for the hotel.
  6. The hotel cannot accept a guest’s request to prolong the stay if there are no available rooms.
  7. In a double room, the second space can only be rented with the approval of the guest staying in the room.
  8. The hotel is responsible for:
    1. providing conditions for a comfortable stay, especially by not disturbing hotel guests without their consent, e.g. cleaning, repairs, etc.
    2. changing bedclothes and towels every third day or on hotel guest’s request.
  9. The hotel is responsible for:
    1. taking action immediately after a complaint about the service, hotel’s facilities, or conditions in the hotel, is reported, and repairing any faults or supplementing shortages.
    2. providing free service on hotel guest’s request in terms of:
      1. deposits,
      2. wake-up calls,
      3. safe-keeping luggage.
  10. The responsibility for loss or damage of hotel guests belongings will be regulated by rules of the Civil Code. The responsibility for loss or damage of hotel guests’ jewels, money, securities, or valuable items is limited if these things were not placed on hotel deposit.
  11. A hotel guest is not allowed to release the room to another guest, even if the reservation period has not expired.
  12. People who are not checked in are not allowed to stay in hotel rooms from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am next day.
  13. The hotel requests nighttime silence from10:00 pm to 7:00 am the following day.
  14. Because of fire protection regulations hotel guests must not use any electrical devices which do not comprise the hotel room equipment.
  15. Every time you go out, you must leave the key of the hotel room in reception.
  16. If the hotel suffers serious losses because of a cancelled booking, the guest who made the booking will be obliged to compensate the losses by paying 50% of the price of his/her stay.
  17. Hotel guest is responsible for any damage to the hotel’s property or equipment caused by his/her fault or the fault of a visitor.

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